Hi, I'm Sofia Alvim!

How it all started...

I have always had a love and fascination with wearing and making jewelry.

I get this from my grandmother who when I was a young child used to purchase loose gemstones and design the jewelry she wanted custom-made for her.

She would take me to gem & minerals shows every year, buy me beads to play with and help me make my own creations.

Jewelry kept calling my name…

During my teens I walked into a new age bookshop and saw a line of anklets made out of seed beads called Stepping Stones. I inquired and called to ask the designer if she needed an assistant and a few days later, I was helping her make her jewelry.

In my twenties I became enamored with jewelry making again and took numerous jewelry classes and made pieces here and there but never to sell them.

It wasn’t until my late thirties that I truly found this was a calling of mine, just as it was for my grandmother. 

She passed away recently and every piece of jewelry I make is a way to honor her artistic and spiritual legacy.

My process is highly intuitive. 

The pieces tell me what they want to be made into. And yes, I want them to beautiful because I believe adorning our inner goddess is a way we love and care for ourselves deeply. But I also want them to be healing. To pair the stones and use their healing properties to benefit those who wear these pieces is why I do this. In essence...

This is not just jewerly...

These are talismans and intentional adornments that represent your divinity and connection to self.

All jewelry is handmade by me. I cleanse all the stones with sage, tibetan bowl sounds and I charge + bless them with good energy,  intentions and mantra for those who wear them.

These semi-precious gemstones help bring you healing, prosperity, focus, love and overall well-being among many other things. People who’ve bought and wear my jewelry have reported an increased, overall sense of well being, groundedness and joy and they are so fun to wear! These stones are magic!


Selecting your piece:

Beyond the aesthetics of the pieces you are considering, I encourage you to trust your gut when picking the ones that are most aligned for you.

You will gravitate to a certain piece even though you don't know why and may "think" you need a different piece. trust your first instincts.

You will intuitively know which ones call forth healing and increase your wellbeing.